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Uncertified Fresh

Jul 24, 2019

Chandler and Carolina review Disney's "live-action" (style) remake of The Lion King. They talk about the experience of seeing the movie in IMAX, comparisons to the original, and being enveloped by Beyoncé's silky smooth voice in glorious surround sound.

Uncertified Fresh is a podcast where Chandler Dean and Carolina Treviño review movies and predict each film's discourse, Twitter hot takes, box office numbers, Rotten Tomatoes scores and critics' consensus -- all while doing their best to shield themselves from all information about the movie beforehand. This journey is made all the easier by AMC Theater's A-List subscription program, which is not a sponsor but which does come in clutch when you want to see a lot of movies and spend as little money as possible. See y'all at Lincoln Square.